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Seine Fishing For Fishing Methods For Commercial Fishing~
Nov 28, 2018
Canada has the longest coastline in the world, with a length of 244,000 kilometers, accounting for 25% of the world's coastline. The Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean surround it. Canada has one of the most productive and valuable commercial fishing fisheries in the world. Providing us with a wealth of fish and seafood, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada (referred to as BC), the variety of unique fisheries due to geographical environment is very rich, different fish have different fishing methods, so this time we Let's take a look at the various fishing methods of commercial fishing. Today we are introducing the seine fishing.

Seine is mainly used for fishing for salmon, squid and sardines. The fishing season for salmon is mainly from July to November, and the fishing season for sardines is from July to October. Salmon and sardines gather together in large numbers over time, and the use of purse seine is the most convenient and efficient method of fishing.

The fishing boats that catch these kinds of fish are not large in scale and basically have no processing capacity. After the fishermen catch the fish, they will simply handle it and return to shore for sale as soon as possible. The captain and crew of the ship are about five people. These crew members are responsible for mechanical and responsible for pulling the net.

As the name implies, the purse seine is a way of using fishnets to enclose fish. This fishing method uses a length of 1,300 feet and is about 400 meters. It wants to use a fishing net to enclose the fish, in addition to the conventional fishing boat. Need a boat to put the net down and pull the other end of the net.

The boat puts the net into the sea and pulls one end. The fishing boat continues to sail in the sea and puts it in the net. Finally, a circular shape is formed to tighten the two ends of the net, and the fish is enclosed in the middle of the net.

After the fishing net is laid, the fishing boat will slowly tighten the rope at the bottom of the net to form a closed fishing net.
Collect the ring rims on the bottom rope of the net so that the net can be tightened more quickly.

The fish is trapped in the fishing net. Different fish are fished out in different ways. The size of the salmon is larger than that of the squid and the sardine. The labor is laborious and laborious. It is necessary to use a large net to remove the fish by mechanical force. The sardine is small in size. In large quantities, sardines can be pumped through pipes and placed in storage rooms in the cabin, and these fish will soon appear in Fisherman's Wharf and major supermarkets in BC.