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Putuo Yuanyang Taoyuan Series Fleet Officially Set Sail
Dec 18, 2018

On December 4th, a fleet of six ocean-going squid fishing boats, such as the Taoyuan 607, was taken from the Zhongxing Fishing Port Terminal and headed for the southwest Atlantic and the South Pacific for a two-year squid fishing operation. Li Yongming, deputy director of the construction headquarters of Zhoushan National Oceanic Fishery Base, Yang Haibin, deputy head of Putuo District, Shi Haidong, deputy director of the Putuo District Ocean and Fisheries Bureau, and Wu Buwei, chairman of Putuo Yuanyang, attended the sailing ceremony.
  The fleet is a modern professional offshore fishing fleet built by Putuo Yuanyang Fishery Co., Ltd., including 6 Taoyuan series including “Taoyuan 605” and “Taoyuan 607”. This is also the second batch of squid fishing boats that have been certified by the European Union following the operation of eight ocean-going squid fishing boats in June this year, such as “Junglong Jiaya 13” and “Julong Gaya 20”.
  The implementation of EU standards can effectively guarantee the quality control of catches during fishing and processing operations, effectively protect marine fishery resources, strive for more sales markets, avoid single market risks, and effectively ensure catches during harvesting operations. Quality control and other aspects have positive significance.
  The modernization of the professional offshore fishing fleet will help to increase the fishing increase in Zhoushan's offshore fishing industry, promote the upgrading of the Zhoushan National Oceanic Fishery Base, and achieve high-quality development.