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Implementation Of Brand Fishing Strategy In Jingzhou City, Hubei Province
Feb 05, 2019

(Reporter Yang Mengfan) Recently, the first Hubei Jingzhou Fish Cake Festival and the Yuhu Lake arrest ceremony were held in Public Security County. This festival will focus on the Jingzhou fish cake industry, sing the Jingchu taste brand, and polish the freshwater fishery business card as the main purpose, and strive to create an industry gathering, industry conference and exhibition for the national display of Jingzhou specialty agriculture (fishing) products. Brand event.

According to reports, Jingzhou is the “first city of freshwater fisheries in China”. The output of aquatic products has long been ranked first in the country. In 2018, the total output of fishery was 1.1 million tons and the output value was 26 billion yuan. It has become a pillar industry for Jingzhou farmers to increase their income.

Jingzhou City adheres to the principle of “good water and good fish”, implements the brand development strategy, promotes the transformation and upgrading of fisheries, and arranges no less than 1 million yuan for the construction of fishery brands every year. Encourage and support enterprises to create Chinese well-known trademarks and national geographical indication products. The provincial famous trademarks and other brands support enterprises to organize and participate in aquatic products exhibitions and promotion activities to increase their visibility.