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He Development History Of Fishing Nets
Feb 07, 2018

Ancient use of coarse cloth with hemp as raw material, made by the method of winding fish nets. Although this fishing net perishable, toughness poor, but its fishing efficiency has been greatly improved. With the development of fisheries, the target of fishing and hunting is not just fish, but fishing tools are keeping pace with the times. Modern fishing nets mainly use polyethylene, nylon and other raw materials for processing. It has a longer life cycle, and higher fishing efficiency, through the use of different ways of classification.

For example, the traditional fishing using the net (hand net, hand throwing net), the use of ships as a power trawl, fishing nets trapped fish gill nets (triple net, fence) and so on. These nets are woven for different fishing targets, using different size nets, and different types of net wires. At the same time as the development of fishing nets, a variety of fishing appliances are also generated, for example, fishing nets as a common fishing tool, square net.

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