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Guided By The Market Demand, The Fishery Development In Our Country Shows A New Trend
Jan 12, 2018

Financial capital participation is relatively small, this is the aquatic product market is not the root cause of the emergence of a strong brand. In other words, the direction of development of the water industry is to adjust the structural model of the water industry according to market demand. It is imperative to shift from taking production as the central task to taking the market as the central task. This is also science, and it is also a key project that needs to be tackled in future scientific research of aquatic products. Guided by market demand, this is the fundamental direction for the development of China's water industry.

All practitioners in the water industry will shift from how to feed their fish well in the past. Since low-density farming is closer to natural growth, less or no medication can be used, the fish's quality and taste will be more natural and the product will be more suitable for the tastes of the general public. The combination of financial capital and fishery industrial capital will greatly facilitate the production of fisheries. Scientific research and marketing will be modernized, large-scale and industrialized. Large and large-scale aquatic enterprise groups capable of overwhelming the international market will also emerge. Will effectively promote the sustainable development of China's water industry.

Aquaculture long-term formation of high-density, high-yield, rapid and other aquaculture models will be to low-density, high efficiency, ecological farming and other aquaculture development. High-density farming will inevitably bring about a series of negative effects. The nets are likened to the serious deterioration of water quality. Frequent occurrence of fish diseases leads to excessive drug residues ... Of course, the low-density aquaculture we advocate is not to restore the extensive farming model of the past. Is to obtain higher economic efficiency in the lower breeding density.

An investment in China's aquatic products, optimistic about the atmosphere of China's aquatic industry is rising in the capital sector, and aroused the face of international capitalists. For example, measures Fisheries will develop from the mode of fishery production on the scale to the mode of eco-farming on the basis of the three-dimensional measures, and the measures on a single-production type will develop the fishery to the composite landscape fishery.

With the concept of health getting more and more popular, fishnet aquatic products will occupy more market share and attract more social funds in the non-staple food market due to its low fat, low cholesterol, high protein, high nutrition, etc. This phenomenon has been Aroused strong concern in the financial capital market.