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Freshwater Fish Prices Will Fluctuate Slightly In The Future
Jan 08, 2019

According to the voice of the Chinese village, "Three Rural China", it has officially entered the snow in the 24 solar terms since yesterday, which means that the temperature around the country is beginning to be obvious. Declining, when the weather is cold in the past year, the sales volume of the conventional freshwater fish market will increase, and the price will rise. However, the market price of freshwater fish this year has decreased compared with last year. Among them, the price of squid has dropped by more than 25%. What is going on? What kind of trend will the price of freshwater fish in the future appear?

According to the “National Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Price Information System” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, for example, the aquatic products that were mainly monitored from November 9, 2018 to November 15, 2018, the live grass carp and live carp decreased compared with the previous week. 3% and 7.1%, although live squid rose by 4.9% year-on-year, but the chain fell by 0.4%.

Wang Ping, an analyst at Anhui Baida Zhougudu Agricultural Products Market, told reporters that from the actual situation of the market, the price of freshwater fish this year is indeed lower than the same period last year.
Wang Ping: At present, freshwater fish has entered the trading season, but from the price point of view, the price of freshwater fish this year is lower than that of the same period of last year. The average price of the market for squid in our market is 20 in 718 and 14 in 2017. 8, the annual decline reached 7.43%. The average price of squid this year is 12 blocks 5, last year was 14 blocks 4, a drop of 13.3%.

Wang Ping believes that due to the better weather in 2018, sufficient rainfall, and improved farming technology, the production of fish ponds by farmers has increased, which has objectively led to an increase in the trading volume of freshwater fish.

Wang Ping: After the relocation of the market, the expansion of the venue has attracted more business households to enter the market for sale or to be sold, so the price of freshwater fish has been reduced. Secondly, it has entered the salting season in Hefei, and the trading volume of the whole freshwater fish. Further growth.
Coincidentally, in the Shandong Weihai seafood wholesale market, the freshwater fish market has also experienced a relatively low state.

Xu Chunhui, an analyst at Shandong Weihai Seafood Wholesale Market: From the current point of view, the prices of freshwater fish in various regions are still relatively low. However, with the reduction of the amount of squid in some producing areas, the price of large-sized squid has rebounded slightly, and sales have begun. For example, the price of live squid per kilogram is about 13 yuan, the price of live squid is 15 yuan/kg, and the price of live squid is generally 18-20 yuan. The price of live grass fish per kilogram is around 14 yuan. I looked at a data from the same period last year. It should be said that the decline in squid is still relatively large, down more than 25% year-on-year; followed by grass carp prices, down 12.5% year-on-year.

Xu Chunhui believes that the main reason for the low price of freshwater fish market is that the market supply is sufficient, and with the drop of temperature and the arrival of rainy weather in the future, the price of freshwater fish will show a small fluctuation.

Xu Chunhui: With the decrease of temperature, the feeding of fish ponds in some freshwater fish producing areas has been significantly reduced. In addition, the pressure on the return of funds at the end of the year has increased. Some farmers have been forced to sell fish, and the lake reservoirs that are being arrested will continue to increase. Therefore, the supply of goods in the market will still be relatively sufficient; as the temperature drops, the cost of freshwater fish in transit will drop significantly; plus the low price of various fresh fish, which affects the demand of freshwater fish to a certain extent, so freshwater fish The overall market will also be stable and weak, but with the arrival of rain and snow, the price of freshwater fish will stabilize.
In the face of the current weak price of freshwater fish in various places, Xu Chunhui suggested that freshwater fish farmers should pay close attention to market information. At the same time, due to the current fishing season of freshwater fish, it is necessary to conduct rhythmic sales according to market conditions at any time. Do not focus on fishing to maximize the benefits.

Xu Chunhui: At the same time, it also reminds freshwater fish farmers to rationally adjust the breeding structure and timely release the pond and fill the pond. From the current point of view, most of the farmers and dealers are still confident about the future of freshwater fish. First, with the arrival of the end of the year, the freshwater fish market ushered in a peak season for sales; second, the removal of cages in many places this year, the overall inventory of fish such as grass carp decreased. Therefore, we still have to have long-term planning to increase the added value of freshwater fish through scientific farming.