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Fishing Nets According To The Different Types Of Environment There
Jan 12, 2018

The first is the monofilament cast nets, the nets generally use more sediment and rivers, no branches of the tree hanging debris, the kind of environment using monofilaments better. The other is the tire line cast nets, this line should not be born fish friends, because of its coarse diameter, tension is still commensurate with. Followed by the wire cast net, it is twisted plied shares, and the same three shares of nylon is also three shares of the screw, this water is not as fast monofilament, is characterized by easy spreading, pull relatively better than the monofilament.

Fishnet manufacturers can use different fishing nets, and produce different products, let's take a look at what types of fishing nets. Again nylon line nets, this nets suitable for not particularly complex environment, do not have too many items can be linked to the net, pay attention to not to be caught hanging hard on nothing.

There is also a full Masa network, which is characterized by good fishing line, even in the event of a large fish also do not have to worry about the net crashed fish ran away, submerged speed, the maximum efficiency of the output.