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Fisheries And Aquaculture Market Prospects
Jan 12, 2018

Fresh water and mariculture all over the world still have great potential for development.
This is because: ① There are still large areas of tropical and subtropical regions such as Africa and Latin America that are suitable for the development of aquaculture in the world. There are still a large number of well-developed waters that have not yet been exploited, and the productivity of these waters can be higher than that of other regions.
② The rapid propagation and exchange of cultured species can promote the cultivation of a single area to increase production. Such as adaptability of non-crucian carp and prawn has become a worldwide fine breed, a great role in improving the yield.
③ advanced breeding techniques and related basic theories such as genetic breeding and genetic engineering research and application, will greatly increase the yield and increase the types of culture.
The application of artificial propagation and stage development theory can supply a large number of seedlings for the stable breeding industry.
⑤ on the aquatic economic animals and plants in-depth study of physiology and ecology for the breeding object with a full price nutrition with the best food and the growth of the environment; along with high-density water fish culture, polyculture, integrated fish and other advanced integrated technology Application, will provide a great possibility for the substantial development of aquaculture.