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Brazil Reopens Its Market To Ecuadorian Shrimp
Jan 04, 2019

The Ministry of Foreign Trade of Ecuador and the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA) have decided to initiate legal actions within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO), in response to the precautionary measure issued by the Supreme Court of Brazil, to temporarily suspend Ecuadorian shrimp imports.

Minister Pablo Campana said that everything possible will be done from a legal and commercial point of view so that the rights of Ecuador to export to Brazil are respected, and he informed that as a first step, they have hired an international legal firm. The fees will be paid in equal parts by the Ministry and the CNA.

The Minister of Foreign Trade confirmed that the Ecuadorian shrimp is a healthy product and that is why it is exported to several destinations in the world, including the European Union and the United States. "We speak of countries like France, Italy, Germany that are super careful in phytosanitary terms, of any type of disease affecting aquaculture and fishing products," he said, according to Andes agency.

"These are protectionist measures, there is no reason to be deceived. These are protectionist measures inculcated by the Brazilian shrimp production sectors. When the Brazilian Government was going to lift that measure, we find this surprising; we must face it, Ecuador will do everything in its power", he emphasized.

The precautionary measure in favour of Brazilian producers was granted on June 5 by president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Carmen Lucia Antunes, who conditioned the entry of Ecuadorian shrimp to Brazil to the Ministry of Agriculture to conduct a study on import risks.

In December last year, Brazil agreed to reopen its market to the Ecuadorian shrimp, after two decades of prohibition, and in January this year the first shipment from Ecuador arrived in that country.

It is estimated that the Brazilian market represents between 10 per cent and 15 per cent of total exports for the Ecuadorian shrimp sector, and could generate USD 300-350 million per year.