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The characteristics and key of the cage fish keeping.
Apr 07, 2018

(1) the characteristics of the net box keeping fish.

1. The net box raises fish can make full use of river, river, lake, reservoir and so on natural water body water and feed development raises fish. They can breed fish and fish. In particular, there is a lack of ponds, which can be used to cultivate fish species on the spot in the large water surface, and fish in the local area, which has a positive effect on improving the survival rate and yield of fish.

2. The net box raises fish can carry on the high density intensive care, the unit area yield can be higher than the pond several times, 100 times. The reason is: the net box raises fish actually is to take advantage of the big water superior natural condition, the synthesis small water dense puts the intensive care measures to achieve the high yield. In the process of breeding, water constantly swapping, caged inside and outside to go inside the cages and feed the bait fish waste residue, the oxygen and plankton, kept in cages in high dissolved oxygen, and therefore the cages inside the fish under the condition of high density, also won't appear of oxygen and water quality deterioration, and to ensure the cages in breeding of silver carps, aristichthys nobilis required bait biological supply constantly. In addition, the fish is kept in the net box, which avoids the harm of enemy pests, and can detect the fish disease in time, ensuring a high survival rate and excellent recovery rate.

3. The cage fish has the advantages of maneuverability and flexibility, and can be invested in batches and developed gradually. Due to the convenience of feeding management, easy fishing, and the setting of the water body of the net box, once the environment is not suitable, it can move position at any time, so it is also called nomadic fishery.

(2) the key to raising fish in the net box.

1. Choose natural bait rich, have certain water flow place to set the net box.

2. Select the appropriate box structure and device mode. Including box shape, size, arrangement and box spacing.

3. It is necessary to determine the range of fish, specification, density and mix in order to give full play to the potential of water production.

4. We should make good use of the feeding management of baiting, anti-flight, disease prevention and anti-enemy, especially to keep the wall of the net box clean, prevent the mesh from clogging, and affect the exchange of water.

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