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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of PE braided fishing line
Dec 10, 2018

Sea fishing refers to fishing at the beach. The main targets of sea fishing are squid, yellow croaker, squid, squid, grouper, squid, etc. Since the fish in the sea are saltwater fish, they are more ferocious and more greedy than freshwater fish. Eat, so you need a stronger fishing line to deal with it.

Friends of fishing will understand that the sea fishing generally uses PE braided wire.

There are a lot of friends around me who like to fish. In Nantong, there are friends of Haifeng Club. They often organize to go to Lusi Port, Yangkou Port to go fishing, and even go fishing in Nanhu Lake.
Meet them, it is our PE braided wire matchmaking.

PE weaving fishing line, often referred to as the strong horse fish line in the market, strictly speaking Dimaema, also registered as the ultra-high molecular weight fiber of DSM in the world. The raw material of the trademark, PE braided wire is UHWMPE fiber, which is the strong horse.
The fishing line market is a mixed bag, and all kinds of brands, in the end how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of PE fishing line.

First of all, from the price can be judged, the market price is indeed very important, but when the price of the commodity itself is lower than its value, we should rationally understand that this product has a problem!
What are the problems with the goods, as a senior expert can answer for you.

1. From the raw materials, just mentioned above, the raw material of PE fishing line should be 100% ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. The price of this raw material is expensive, and the best price in China is 5000 - 400 yuan / kg. The price of the Nima brand is higher. Some manufacturers have mixed some polyester fibers into the fabric in order to reduce the cost. It is necessary to know that the cost of polyester is only 15 yuan/kg, and the consequences are not up to the requirements.

2. From the knitting process, the braided wire is required to be full and round, so it must be compact. The 4 braided weave is similar to the square, and the eight braids are close to the circle. If the weaving is loose, it will lead to uneven line body. , the weight per meter is not up to standard.

3. From the coating technology point of view, we have seen many small workshops in the processing of PE braided wire, they feel their magic, PE braided wire coating is not simply colored, there are many domestic relatively large manufacturers to weave themselves The fishing line is then sent to Japan to process the coating, which shows that the coating is of great significance in the quality of the fishing line.

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