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Cast net
Nov 26, 2018

The hand throwing net. A small conical net for the shallow water area. It is sprinkled by hand to make the net mouth downward. The net body is quickly brought into the water by the sinker, and the net is used. The ropes connected by the edges are slowly retracted, allowing the fish to enter the net pocket and pull out the water.

1. Throw and open the fishing net.

2. The outer edge part is pressed by lead or tin, so that the net can sink into the water and shrink the net body when entering the water to achieve the salvage effect.

3. After the net body is compiled, it can be immersed in pig blood (more common), and then placed under the sun to expose the blood to coagulate, so as to slow down the net body from corrosion.

4. Casting skills (hand throwing): Two throwing methods: hold the fishing net scorpion and about one-third of the net mouth part in the left hand, and hang the net scorpion on the thumb in the right hand (this is the most important net When you use your thumb, you can hook the net to make it open.) 

Then hold the rest of the mesh port. Keep the distance between the two hands for easy movement. The left side of your body is sprinkled with your right hand and the left hand is sent out. Use your right thumb to carry the net scorpion and deliver it at the right time. Learn more slowly after a few more times. It is characterized by not getting dirty clothes and can be operated in the chest.

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