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Cage fish characteristics
Jan 12, 2018

Cage fish characteristics
1. Cage fish can make full use of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other natural water and feed to develop fish. Can cultivate species, but also breeding into fish. Especially in areas lacking in ponds, it is possible to cultivate fish species on the surface by using large water surface to culture fish in situ, which plays a positive role in raising the survival rate and yield of fish culture.
2. Cage fish can be intensive densification, yield per unit area can be several times higher than the pond, into a hundred times. The reason is: cage fish is actually the use of large surface water superior natural conditions, integrated small water tight intensive measures to achieve high yield. In the breeding process, the cage inside and outside the water constantly exchange, take away the cages of fish excrement and feeding the residue of food, brought oxygen and plankton, so that the cage to maintain a high degree of dissolution Oxygen, so the cage fish in the case of high density, there will be no oxygen and water quality deterioration, and to ensure that the cage breeding silver carp, bream fish food organisms are constantly available. In addition, the fish kept in the cage, but also to avoid the harm of predators, and timely detection of fish disease, to ensure a high survival rate and excellent recovery rate.
3. Fish cage with a mobile, flexible advantages, can be invested in batches, and gradually develop. Due to its convenient feeding and management, it is easy to catch. Once the water in the cage is not suitable for the environment, it can be moved at any time, so it is also called a nomadic fishery.

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